Student Visa and Permit - Renewal

International student is obliged to renew the required student visa and permit in order to continue to study in UPH. The process of renewing the visa and permit will be slightly different than the first time (new) application.


IMPORTANT: Student Visa (KITAS) can only be renewed up to maximum 4 times. After the 4th renewal, student must leave Indonesia and re-apply like the first time (see full process of first time application here).


Here are the complete process and procedure for renewing Student Visa (KITAS) and Permit (MERP):





Documents Submission


Upon acceptance, student must first complete the:


This form must be typed; handwritten form will NOT be accepted.


Below are the required documents for processing the Study Permit. Student must send the following documents by email to UPH International Office (


No matter who assist the student with the process, student is still required to obtain the Sponsor Letter (for visa/permit renewal) from UPH.

  1. Application Form for Student Visa (KITAS) & all of the required Documents listed in the form.
  2. Scanned Passport (front page only, NO stamped pages needed) in COLOR (minimum validity of 18 months for 6 or 12 months visa application; and minimum of 30 months validity for 24 months visa application)
  3. Copy of Current KITAS Card (in COLOR)
  4. Color Photograph in RED background with size of: 3cm x 4cm (6 pieces)
  5. Medical Statement (issued by doctor from local hospital/clinic)
  6. Statement Letter
  7. Copy of Official Bank Statement (either in Bahasa Indonesia/English translation) with minimum balance of USD 1,500 or equivalent. - NEW Immigration's Regulation as of 28 Nov 2016.
  8. Financial Statement (NOT required for Scholarship Recipient Students)
  9. Copy of the latest Official Academic Transcript (from Academic Bureau Administration / ADAK - Building A, 3rd Floor)
  10. Copy of the current Study Permit (check with visa agent / IO)
  11. Copy of STM (Surat Tanda Melapor; issued by Police Department)
  12. Surat Keterangan Mahasiswa Aktif (available upon request at Academic Bureau of Administration - Building A, 3rd Floor)






Students do have the option to process the visa through a qualified Third Party Visa Agent, the visa handling fee / agent service fee usually needs to be paid in advance (depending on the agreement). The whole process for getting the Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) may take 4 up to 6 weeks, therefore we advise you to settle the visa payment at the soonest.



For students who employ the recommended agent from UPH, the amount and payment details will be notified via email. And your visa will only be processed after your payments been verified.

Student must submit the bank’s payment copy receipt (via email) for verification purpose.



Study Permit Online Application


After visa payment is complete and verified, UPH International Office will assist student with the Study Permit process by completing an online application and uploading student’s files (only complete documents will be uploaded) at KEMRISTEKDIKTI – Kementrian Riset Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia (Ministry of Higher Education) online portal.



Study Permit Process & Issuance

By default, every once a week on Monday, KEMRISTEK-DIKTI will hold a Clearing House (CH) Meeting which will be attended byrelevant government officials to evaluate, and review the visa/permit application of any foreign students in Indonesia.


At the CH Meeting, the KEMRISTEK-DIKTI will either approve/denied the Study Permit application. If approved, the Study Permit will be issued in approximately 2-3 weeks.


UPH International Office will then collect the Study Permit document at the KEMRISTEK-DIKTI Office Building in Jakarta and notify the student to collect the Study Permit. Student should make a copy of the Study Permit and submit it to the Academic Bureau Administration (Biro ADAK) – Building A, 3rd Floor.



- Generally, the Study Permit application and issuance process takes approximately 4 (active) weeks. Should there be any long weekends / public holiday in the month calendar; the process may take longer than 4 weeks.

- Study Permit must be submitted to ADAK in order to allow students to join the mid-test and final examination.



Visa Approval at the Immigration


After Study Permit is issued, process for final approval will take place at the Immigration Office. The process takes approximately 5-7 working days.


For renewal process, the Immigration will NOT issue another Telex (Visa Approval). 



E-KITAS Biometric


Once the Immigration approved the request to renew the visa and permit, student will be notified and required to schedule the visit the Immigration as soon as possible. This visit will involve student to have a brief interview, photograph and finger-print taken.


NOTE: Before the visit, the original passport must be submitted to the Immigration through International Office / Third Party Visa Agent.



E-KITAS Issuance


In about 1 week later, the Immigration will issue an E-KITAS (Electronic Limited Stay Permit) & Limited Stay Permit Stamp on your passport.


Make sure you bring your E-KITAS at all times. Should you lose the E-KITAS paper, please contact your agent/Immigration to re-print your E-KITAS.