IO Vision & Mission
UPH has defined its organizational vision and mission to emphasize a balanced and integrated education, encompassing the arts, science and technology, and strong spiritual values.



The International Office (IO) supports the overall University of Pelita Harapan’s Vision and Mission that is Christ-centered and produce a competent and holistic professionals through prime global experiences.

IO is committed to providing culturally sensitive services of the highest quality . We serve UPH students and the International Community to further the goals of UPH as a holistic, excellent university.



1) To equip students and faculty in their respective fields by broadening their knowledge and provide the global experience that glorify God through International Programs.


2) To support the needs of expanding the global partnership network and promote international exposure within UPH.


3) To provide necessary logistical support for international guest / visitor of the university and provide assistance for the visitation arrangement.