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UPH offer two kinds of classes, regular and international. The regular class uses Bahasa Indonesia as the main teaching language. While an international class uses English as the main language of instruction, this class were offered up to 6th semester. Students joining an international class were basically meant for participating in Dual Degree program. We recommend that you would participate in our BIPA program to help with your study experience.

During your studies, language related help is available to improve your fluency in Bahasa and English. However, please note that you will not be given any assistance or extra time in the exams due to language difficulties. We provide language programs to learn both Bahasa and English, for more info click HERE.

If you would like to see if you have adequate knowledge of English, you can take the International English Language System (IELTS) or Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) test independently. You can find more information about the test and where you can complete the test here:

Undergraduate Programs:              


Business School        

Management and Accounting

School of Applied Communication Sciences


School of Government and Global Affairs

International Relations

Law School


Faculty of Education                      

Primary Education, English

School of Design

Interior Design

Faculty of Science and Technology

Food Technology

Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality Management

You will need to get your results translated by a certified translator.  Once this is done, submit them to the International Office when you apply, along with your application form and other supporting documents.



Please refer to the link below:

Please refer to the link below:


There are many types of Indonesian Visas, which includes Social Culture/Visit Visa, Limited Stay Visa (KITAS), etc. KITAS itself serves two different purposes, for work or study.
You need to obtain the KITAS for study to be able to study at Pelita Harapan University.

No, you need to apply for Student Visa (KITAS). Tourists Visa known as VOA (Visa On Arrival) is used for Business, Tourist, or Social-Cultural purpose only.
No. Student Visa (KITAS) is strictly for studying only.

The whole process may take up to 2 months. However, we encourage students to initiate the process as early as 3 months prior to arrival (for first-time application) / KITAS expiry date (for renewal).

Yes, as of October 2014 the government has set a new regulation that all KITAS holder must have a MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit) with the same period. KITAS holder who has not own MERP must apply for one upon permit renewal.

Student Visa (VITAS) is basically a SINGLE entry permit, therefore if you need to travel overseas during your study in UPH you must apply an exit re-entry permit to immigration office via UPH International Office. You must not travel as soon as you arrive in Jakarta if you are entering with VITAS, because your visa will be void without the Exit Re-entry Permit.

There are two types of exit re-entry permit available:
MERP (Multiple Re-Entry Permit): Multiple exit and re-entry permit for 1 year or 2 years (depending on the KITAS period you have).
EPO (Exit Permit Only): must apply at the end of your study period to put closure to your KITAS. Student must return all the documents given by the Immigration i.e. KITAS, blue book & SKLD (if any). Once issued, the student must leave the country within 7 days from the date of issue.

Doing the process independently will be much less expensive however it would seem very complicated and time-consuming especially for a foreigner. Thus, many of us would simply hire a third party agent to assist the visa process, whose fees vary based on their level of professionalism.

Basically, there are a few important components involved in the cost of a student visa, they are:

- KITAS (Kartu Ijin Tinggal Terbatas) or known as Limited Stay Permit Card, is a single-entry visa. 

- MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit). This permit allows you for multiple travels.

In general, the Visa Agent may charge about IDR 5,000,000 (approximately USD 520 or EUR 460) for 1-year KITAS application, and for the cost of 1-year MERP is from IDR 1,500,000 up to IDR 2,000,000. EPO costs approximately IDR 500,000. The fees vary and are subject to change anytime, so please check with our office to get further advice about visa costs.


We strongly recommend you to have an International Health Insurance that is applicable for medical conditions overseas. However, in case you do not have any insurance at this moment, we only require you to get the Proof of Health Certificate issued by a doctor or local hospital in your home country.

Unfortunately, there is not much help available for any students with disabilities at this moment. Only some area on campus is accessible by wheelchair through the use of ramps and elevators. 

Please make sure you have Hepatitis A & B and Typhoid, along with all the general childhood immunizations needed in your country. Some past immunizations require booster shots as well, so make sure you get those too.


At this moment, UPH scholarship is only limited for the full-time regular / international students (study abroad program are not included). UPH Scholarship Programs includes:
1) Academic Achievement
2) Limited Financial
3) Arts Achievement
4) Sports Achievement
For more information about Scholarships, click HERE.

Yes, if you do have any sibling or cousin that currently studying or have graduated from UPH, you are entitled to get a 10% discount off the Admission Fee which will be given in the 2nd Semester. You must submit the required documents (i.e. Birth Certificate and Family Card) prior joining UPH. Please note: this program is not applicable for scholarship students.

UPH provides facilities for a range of sports. The current facilities include:
- Basketball Court (also used for Badminton, Volleyball, and Dodgeball)
- Floorball Court (for Futsal)
- Gym/Fitness Center
- Soccer Field
- Swimming Pool.


UPH has many student's communities/activities such as Korean, Japanese, Traditional / Modern Dance, Music / Choir, etc. For more information, you can visit the Student Life department at Building B room 308 or click here.