The Indonesian Capital City of Jakarta is full of attractions. With a city population of about 10 million and a metropolitan polulation of well over 28 million people this city is vast. Jakarta is a melting pop of the entire achipelago of Indonesia and foreign influences. 




Jakarta officially known as the Special Capital Region of Jakarta (Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta) is the capital city of Indonesia, a metropolitan city and the “melting pot” that represents the richness of Indonesia. Thus, you will be able to see the diversity of culture, language, food, and custom. Betawi people are the indigenous people of Jakarta (previously known as Batavia). Jakarta has grown significantly in recent years; it is now one of the major business and tourist destinations in South East Asia region.




The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

The International and national air hub, located in Cengkareng, approximately 45 minutes from the University Pelita Harapan. The Soekarno –Hatta International Airport also known as ”Cengkareng” to Indonesian, CGK is the IATA airport code.  The airport serves Jakarta and greater Jakarta area, such as Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. The airport has 3 terminals, 1 serves for domestic flight; 2 for International flights and Garuda Indonesia; while 3, serves low cost carrier or budget airlines.




Monument Nasional (Monas)

The National Monument, a monument that was built as a symbol to remembered the Indonesian Heroes, who fought for Independence. The monument is located in the center of Merdek Square, Central Jakarta. Monas is a tower over 137 meters high, with a gold coated flame statue at the top.  The monuments consist of a Museum, the Hall of Independence, the Observation Deck and the Flame of Independence.




Merdeka Palace

The State Palace literally means the Independence Palace, located in the Central Jakarta Municipality, in front of Merdeka Square and The National Monument (Monas).  The state palace is now served as the presidential palace, with the attached State Secretariat, and State Guesthouse. It is open to public on a certain days.




  National Museum
The National Museum of Indonesia is a historical, geographical, archeological, and ethnological museum located in Medan Merdeka Barat (directly in front of the National Monument), Central Jakarta Municipality. The museum also known as Gedung Gajah (Elephant Building), named after the elephant statue at it forecourt. It consist of two wings, the old wing is called Gudung Gajah (the former name of the museum); and the new wing is Gedung Arca. The museum exist to preserves Indonesia’s heritage.
Catherdral Church
In Bahasa Indonesia, we call it Gereja Katedral, a Roman Catholic Church located at Jalan Katedral No. 7, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta. The most interesting part is that the Cathedral Church located across the street from the biggest mosque in Indonesia, Istiqlal Mosque. This is a great picture of harmony of how Indonesian people live harmoniously in the daily life.
Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal means freedom or independence, Istiqlal Mosque (Masjid Istiqlal) was built to commemorate Indonesian independence. This national mosque is located in the Central Jakarta Municipality, with a capacity of 120,000 people. 
Old Jakarta also known as Old Batavia, includes the area of North and West Jakarta Municipality. As the urban centre and the beginning of Jakarta’s future growth, Old Jakarta is home to a number of historical sites and building, such as Sunda Kelapa, Fatahillah Garden, Fatahillah Museum, Luar Batang Mosque, Glodok, Fish Market, Kota Intan Drawbridge, etc.
Indonesia Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) was built in 1972. The concept of TMII is to represent the diversity of In Indonesia’s ethnicity with their own dialect, traditional clothes, dance, house and architecture. Tourist, who visits Indonesia in a very limited time, might opt to visit this miniature park, to experience the beautiful and diversity of Indonesia at once. Inside the park, visitors will be able to see and experience Indonesian traditional houses and architecture from the 33 provinces, with its own culture and traditions, at the lake there is a miniature of the Indonesian archipelago, cable car, museum, the Keong Mas (Golden Snail) IMAX Theather.   




This great zoo is located near the highway between Jakarta and Bandung, in a slightly colder region of Bogor. On 170 hectares (420 acres) there lies a collection of over 2,500 animals, including Bengal tigers, Malayan sun bearsgiraffes,orangutanshipposzebrascheetahselephants, and komodo dragons. An awesome feature of this zoo is the ability to use a car to travel through zome parts of the zoo to see the animals up close and even feed them by hand.
Jakarta has a complete zoo that reflects the diversity in the archipelago. Located in Rangunan, you can be able to see all the rich fauna, gaze upon the magnificent birds of paradise, and other exotic animals. Unique animals that are highly prized at this zoo are the Komodo lizard, the Orang Utan, Gorillas, and all types of snakes. This zoo is a favorite for families and anyone interested in the environment to come witness.
This amusement park and resort destination lies at North Jakarta at the water front. It is a sprawling resort complete with a Seaworld, a Fantasy World known as Dunia Fantasi or Dufan for short, hotels, restaurants, and a convention hall. Both domestic and international toursits can find complete seaside recreation in Ancol.