Online English Ability Test (EAT)
English Ability Test (EAT) is an institutional TOEFL Prediction test which administered by UPH Language Center.
This is an online test meant to be used to predict how individuals will perform in the International TOEFL test. 
EAT test fee is Rp. 200,000/person/test (with a minimum of 5 participants - We will automatically cancel the test if the number of participants does not reach the minimum). Any additional test request outside the EAT schedule will be charged with Rp. 500,000/person/test (Premium EAT Test). The request should be made at least 7 (seven) working days prior to the requested test date.
NOTE: If you register for Premium Test, please do not proceed the test payment until receiving confirmation from the Language Center via email.
PIC (Person in Charge) for EAT test registration is Mrs. Cincin Aroma Respati ( For more information, please contact: 
  1. Participant must register for the EAT Test at least 7 (seven) working days prior to the test date.
  2. Participant must proceed with the test payment of IDR 200,000 - for regular test / IDR 500,000 - for premium test to:
    • Via Bank Transfer:
      • Bank NOBU National (Cabang Plaza Semanggi)
      • Account Holder: Yayasan Universitas Pelita Harapan (YUPH)
      • Account Number: 101.30.118888
    • Via Cash Deposit:
      • Bank NOBU (Menara Matahari Building, 1st Floor)
  3. Once the EAT registration and payment are complete, participant must upload the proof of payment and confirm the EAT Payment Confirmation  
  4. UPH Language Center will send an email invitation to the participant about 1-2 days before the test date.
NOTE: Payment without completing registration form on the test day will be rejected.