Hospitality Management
Sarjana Sains Terapan (STPPH) + Bachelor of International Hotel Management (ICHM)
4 Semesters (UPH) + 1 Semester (Internship) + 1 Semester (UPH) + 2 Semesters (ICHM) + 1 Semester (UPH – Final Project) OR + 1 Semester (Internship ICHM) + 1 Semester* (UPH – Final Project)
*) Only for student who want to internship at ICHM in 9th Semester (optional)


  1. Student must completed semester 6 in UPH, and may apply to ICHM after passing all subjects at STPPH.
  2. English competency, IELTS score 6, minimum band score of 5.5
  3. Second language competency, Bahasa Indonesia is satisfactory



To complete Advance Diploma STPPH students would need to undertake the following units of competency in their first semester:

Health, Safety & Risk Management (HRSM)

SITXOHS004A – Implement & Monitor Workplace Health, Safety & Security Practices

SITXOHS005A – Establish & Maintain an OHS system


Assets Management (AM)

SITXFIN007A – Manage Physical Assets


Human Resources Staffing (HRS) – Rostering Only

SITXHRM003A – Roster Staff


Finance 2 (F2)

SITXFIN008A – Manage Financial Operations

SITXMGT004A – Develop & Implement a Business Plan


After completion of the Academic Semester students may chose an internship, in Australia or overseas (where student’s visa permits – usually China, Singapore or Dubai). In Australia, this is paid, and in some locations as well.

There are 8 subjects in the degree, and students can study in any of the four modes, as outlined below:

  • Standard Mode: 4 subjects in two consecutive semesters.
  • Accelerated Mode: 8 subjects in one semester.
  • Study and Work Mode: 7 subjects in the first semester and one subject a “Work-based research project”, undertaken while working in a hotel in Australia or overseas. The work is usually paid.
  • Online study from outside Australia.



The cost for these studies is AUD 8,000 in 2010 and 2011. This includes the cost of tuition, uniform and books.

An additional cost for Health Insurance will also apply (AUD 363) and subject to change.


Sarjana Sains Terapan (STPPH) + BA Degree (IMI) + BA Degree with Honours (MMU - Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
4 Semesters (UPH) + 1 Semester (Internship) + 1 Semester (UPH) + 1 Semester (IMI Institute) + 1 Semester (Paid Internship - Switzerland) + 1 Semester (UPH – Final Project)
1. IMI shall offer the BA Degree with Honours programme in International Hotel and Tourism Management to students of Diploma IV or undergraduate programmes of STPPH  based on the following model and structure:





6 months

IMI, Switzerland

  • Personal & Professional Development 3
  • Applied Research in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Industry
  • International Marketing Management
  • Pathway Dissertation
  • Hospitality Leadership
  • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development

IMI Bachelor Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management

The above collaborated programme is an integral part of the Diploma IV or undergraduate programmes of STPPH as shown in the following programme structure:

Sem. 1


Sem. 2


Sem. 3


Sem. 4


Sem. 5

(Indonesia or Abroad)

Sem. 6


Sem. 7

(IMI, Switzerland)

Sem. 8


Final Term (UPH)


Industrial Training


Paid Practical Training

Final Project

2. Semester 7 of IMI BA shall be residential programme with full board (daily breakfast, lunch and dinner) and lodging (twin bedded room) to be provided at IMI campus in Switzerland.
3. After successful completion of Semester 7, students will have an opportunity to do a paid practical training of 5-6 months in Switzerland
4. The students who take internship in Semester 8 in Switzerland is obliged to write a Training Report submitted to IMI as one of the pre-requisites to obtain their BA Degree certificate.
5. During those 5-6 months of training in Switzerland students earn a minimum pay of CHF 2,168 /months and there is no school fee but students have to pay their own board and lodge as well as compulsory health and accident insurance.
6. IMI will award the IMI BA Degree and MMU BA Degree with Honours to students completing and achieving the requested standard of the mentioned programme.
All fees will be denoted in Swiss Francs (CHF).
The fee of one semester theoritical study at IMI Switzerland is CHF 31,700 (Thirty one thousand seven hundred Swiss Francs). The fee includes:
1. Tuition fee of CHF 24,150 (CHF 22,150 is to be paid to IMI, and CHF 2,000 paid to UPH)
2. Full board and lodging expenses in a standard twin shared bathroom of CHF 4,750
3. Registration fee of CHF 2,800. This fee is non-refundable. However the registration fee will be refunded when student visa is rejected by the Swiss Authority.
The above fees are subject to change with prior notification.
Sarjana Sains Terapan (STPPH) + Bachelor of Business Administration Hotel Management (HIM) + Bachelor of Business Administration Hotel Management (Northwood University, United States)
SCHEME (subject to change):
Upon completion of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Programme at UPH International, students will have the following progression:
- Stage 1:
Terms 5, 6 and 7 at HIM as current list of offered courses including two bridging courses (Resorts Management and Economics) free of charge
- Stage 2:
6-month internship in Switzerland or abroad