Exchange Students Testimonials (Outbound)
"The exchange student program I did in Amsterdam at HvA was definitely the highlight of my study at UPH. Amsterdam is also a city beyond imagination, it has a lot to offer and is the meeting point where cultural diversity from every part of the world blends in. Whether taking a stroll through the canals, snapping great pictures at the Dam Square, doing groceries with friends at Albert Heijn, or getting a snack from one of the Febo's automats, the exchange student program to Amsterdam might be the perfect chance you wouldn't want to miss. 
My favourite part of studying abroad had to be living together with different cultural groups from so many different countries where I met amazing friends from all over the world. It taught myself to be an open-minded person and meet people you normally wouldn't back at home. The building is located right next to the great HvA campus and near the Ziggo Dome arena which hosts international music concerts of some of the world's most renowned performers such as Beyoncé, U2, The Script, you name it! 
The exposure to various cultural backgrounds has opened my eyes and helped me to realise that there are unpredicted possibilities that exist in this world. I also learned by starting up a friendly conversation, you could make life long friends, or even better, have free accommodation to stay the next time you visit a country where your friend lives! LOL! I wouldn't think twice about participating in the exchange student program if I were you! It's the best experience I wouldn't change for the world and I want you to feel the same wonderful excitements too!"

kristin handoyo - hgu

I came to Handong during spring semester of 2013 and now I’m extending my exchange program for another semester. Being in Handong Global University is a really life changing experience for me! It’s not simply because I experience culture differences and learn lessons in a completely different environment, it’s more than that! I’m just so grateful for being part of this Handong Global University family!

Here are the reasons why I’m so grateful and encourage UPH students to come to Handong Global University as I do:

  • Located in Pohang

You may not know where Pohang is because Pohang is a small city in South Korea and Handong Global University is 5 hours away from Seoul and 2 hours away from Busan (second largest city in South Korea). This is a university that you have to choose if you really want to focus on your study and experience the real Korean culture.

  • Growing Spiritually

Handong Global University calls itself God’s University with a vision “Why Not Change the World?” This university is known as one of the strongest Christian University in South Korea. I think this is what makes Handong Global University really special for me and the reason why I love this university. God taught a lot of things through the people I met in the church, life group (Bible study group), classes and even people in the dormitory; they really help me to grow more mature in Christ. I feel like these friends are not simply ‘friends’, but they are more like my brothers and sisters.

  • Great Friends

In Handong Global University, you will not simply get many Korean friends, but also friends from many different countries around the world! I never thought of having such very diverse friends from around the world. Thus, I’m not simply learning Korean cultures but also cultures from different countries.

  • Great Professors

 In this university, professors are more than professors! They are not simply teach you about the lessons in class professionally but also teach you about the things and experience in life especially in terms of Christianity; and as a student, I can get connected and build relationship to professors personally and share to them about life.  

Another great blessing that I received during my stay in Handong Global University is the scholarship they gave which covered my dormitory fee, food expense and my allowance. I never thought of regretting my decision coming to Handong Global University even though I have to postpone my graduation because I went for this exchange program in my sixth semester. All the things I got worth so much! I can’t wait to bring the experiences I had and share it when I’m going back to Indonesia.

Note: All these experiences are real and I’m not making it up or exaggerating it at all. I really encourage you to come to Handong Global University and experience it yourself! God bless you.







The experiences from this program were really great. I felt my life changed a great deal. I learnt about a different learning system. The learning system there is tougher and also more qualified. Six-credits of a subject just takes 2 or 3 hours, but it was really intense.


We learned more about practice and in every subject we discussed a project. I learned a lot about current cases, not just about textbook theory. This made the learning there much more real and applicable to real life. The lecturers were very helpful and welcoming towards me, they provide tutorial outside the regular class.

Furthermore, with other foreign students in the class we have a lot of class discussion that enriched my knowledge. We were encouraged to think critically and to speak out our thoughts, and I felt it was really a great experience now that I have come back here.

During my stay in Portugal, I get to know people from all over the world and we share stories about our own country, culture, custom and how to do business in their country. From these sharing, we could take advantages to learn.

I hope UPH will have more cooperation with international partner and create more opportunities for the students to have international experience, and, more intensive socialization of the program to UPH students.