Transportation in Lippo Village
The various types of transport available in Lippo Village:



Using a bicycle is a safe and economical form of transport within Lippo Karawaci. There are designated bike lanes to cycle in, which makes it a lot safer.  The large trees planted in the area also provide enough shade for cyclists, giving much needed relief from the tropical sun. 









Lippo Bus inside Karawaci

These are medium sized buses with the Lippo flag clearly shown on the side. For the most current bus schedule please visit the Bus Terminal located at the back of Supermal Karawaci. The buses pass every 30mins. These are a very economical and safe way to get to the Supermal, Taman Sari, SPH, Imperial Country Club, and UPH. Even though there are designated Bus Stops following the bus route it is totally acceptable to get picked up or dropped off anywhere at any time.







Lippo Bus to Jakarta

Lippo also has a 36-seater bus that goes into Jakarta on a regular basis. The bus will stop at FX mall in The bus terminal is located at the back of the Lippo Supermal and is a safe and convenient way to travel to Jakarta. It costs Rp 20,000 per trip



Ojek (Motorcycle Taxis)

An “Ojek” is a motorcyclist that offers rides to wherever you want to go. They are a popular mode of transport in Lippo Karawaci as well as Jakarta, although we suggest you only use the ones within Lippo. You will find a number of ojeks located outside each Taman and outside the Supermal. Before getting on you should negotiate the location you want to go to and the cost of the fare. To give you an idea of a reasonable price: from the SPH to the Supermal would be approximately Rp. 5,000. All of the ojeks that work in Lippo are registered with Lippo security to ensure everyone’s safety and a familiarity for those using ojeks. 



 gojek drivers  

Go-JEK Indonesia

Go-Jek is an app that provides range of services; as an instant courier, a transport media, Go-Food, and shopping service. You can get anything purchased and delivered instantly with Go-Jek. Unlike an ojek where you have to bargain for the price; Go-Jek has a transparent pricing generated by the app. When traveling with Go-Jek, you will also get a free shower cap and a mask. The app is available for download on the Apple app store or Google play.


Go-Jek Indonesia 



An angkot is a small van/mini bus that serves set routes on smaller main roads. Its seating fits for 9-12 people, depending on the type. Fares depend on the distance, but are usually Rp 2.000 to 3.000 per trip. The same procedure for as the Lippo Bus works for an angkot too. We would not recommend someone new to Indonesia to use angkots however, because they can be dangerous if using one alone or especially at night.









Taxis are available from the Supermal or you can book one by telephone (see the directory). At Supermal the best way is to go to the customer service desk at the main entry and ask them to call a taxi for you, which should only take a few minutes. Hotels and shopping malls have taxi stands or you can telephone to arrange to be picked up. 


Phone Numbers for Blue Bird Taxis:

Blue Bird                              Phone: (021) 794 1234

Silver Bird (bigger cars)        Phone: (021) 798 1234



uber jakarta  


Uber App

Uber app connects you with a reliable ride in minutes, from a low cost to premium. Uber has range of private cars ready to pick you up at Jakarta and Tangerang area. It uses your phone's GPS to detect your location and connects you with the nearest available driver. Payment is automatically charged to your credit card through the app and fares are usually cheaper than a regular taxi. Get Rp. 75,000 off on your first ride by using the promo code. Download the Uber app on your phone and create your account. Uber Jakarta

The costs of various types of transport in Lippo Village:






Lippo Village Internal Bus

Traveling within Lippo Village



Lippo Village External Bus

Traveling from Lippo Village to Jakarta




5 minute Ojek ride (motorbike taxi)


10,000 – 15,000


Bluebird Taxi Base Fare



Bluebird Taxi cost per Kilometer




5 minute ride on Angkot (mini bus)



Uber App

Uber Base Fare



Uber cost per kilometer