The various places to shop or eat in Lippo Village:



Supermal Karawaci 

This is a shopping mall inside Lippo Village and just opposite UPH campus. One stop area for shopping, entertainment, sport, kid’s activity, education,and business.

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Books & Beyond

This is a leading bookstore for English based textbooks and office peripherals. It is located on the UPH campus. There is a restaurant on both floors of this bookshop and comfortable places to read scattered throughout the store.

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benton junction

Benton Junction


Benton Junction is a food district with alfresco dining atmosphere located in Lippo Village, Tangerang, Banten. Many visitors are students of Pelita Harapan University. The open outlets in this area are, among others, Coffee Bean, Lau's Kopitiam, KFC, Pizza Hut Delivery, Dim-Sum, Planet Noodle, Betawi Kitchen, Serba Food, Daichi, Woori, Churos, Bobba Bubble Tea.



Benton Junction promoting an outdoor dining style. Benton Junction is also accessible by bike. It provides a bike path facility where residents of Lippo Village can go to Benton with their bike. Benton Junction also provides a parallel parking space that is less common in Indonesia.



Benton Junction located on the opposite of UPH campus and Books & Beyond bookstores. Benton junction is also associated with Supermall Karawaci and Lippo Bank.





taman sari

Taman Sari

Taman Sari in Lippo Karawaci is an oasis of tranquility or sources with classical art theme park Sunda and Bali. This place has many restaurant with an open air where you can meet, dine, or get entertained.


There are several activities you can do while visiting Taman Sari, such as feeding the fish or the birds, cycling, enjoying painting, joining painting lessons, or even try skates. There is always something for everyone, and is always a fun time for all.