Lippo Village

The UPH Global Campus is located in Lippo Village, which is a very unique city on the outskirts of Jakarta. It is nicknamed The Incomparable City, since there is nothing like it in Indonesia. The area boasts a clean environment, world standard planning, infrastructure, and town management. There is a highway adjacent to the city as well as high quality in-town buses within Lippo Village.


Founded in 1993, today Lippo Village is home to over 50,000 residents with far more coming into the area each day for education and employment. Over 12,000 students are educated in the numerous schools from pre-K to tertiary level, making the city a very vibrant educational hub for young people.


Lippo Village is very well known to be a safe and secure area for the entire family. The city has very low crime rates as a result of excellent security making it much less worrisome for its residents. Almost all the housing in Lippo Village is in gates housing esates, with over 60 of these estates (Tamans in Bahasa Indonesia). These estates have security at the front gate who monitors those who enter the hosuing area to keep residents safe.