Visa / Study Permit
There are many types of Indonesian Visas, which includes Social Culture/Visit Visa, Limited Stay Visa (KITAS), etc. KITAS itself serves two different purposes, for work or study. You need to obtain the KITAS for study to be able to study at Pelita Harapan University.

Q: I am a foreign student, what kind of visa do I need to apply?

There are many types of Indonesian Visas, which includes Social Culture/Visit Visa, Limited Stay Visa (KITAS), etc. KITAS itself serves two different purposes, for work or study. 

You need to obtain the KITAS for study to be able to study at Pelita Harapan University.


Q: What will be the procedure for applying Student Visa (KITAS)? 

There are two ways for applying KITAS, you can either apply independently or hire an agent to avoid the hassle. 


Due to the complexity for KITAS application and its requirement for visiting many government institutions and the long bureaucracy, we strongly recommend you to hire an agent. To apply for KITAS, you will need a sponsor letter in which UPH International Office will assist you to issue this letter after you file your application. If you needed reference for the document agent, we can also assist you and you may submit the required documents to us.


If you chose to do it through our agent reference, then you may settle the service fee through UPH account (see the details in POINT 2)


NOTE: KITAS application process will involve many Indonesian government institutions which takes about one month before the Telex (Approval of Visa) can be issued, therefore it needs to be processed prior to your arrival in Indonesia at least 2-3 months ahead. You also need to ensure that your passport validity is at least one and a half years before expiry date. 


Below are the process and procedure of obtaining KITAS:





Documents Submission

Below are the required documents for processing KITAS. Student must submit documents (no. 1 to 4) in hard copy via airmail:

  1. Copy of Scanned Passport (minimum validity of 18 months)
  2. Recent Color Photograph in RED background with size of:
    1. 3cm x 4cm (6 pieces)
    2. 4cm x 6cm (6 pieces)
  3. Proof of Health (issued by local doctor/hospital)
  4. Copy of latest transcript / diploma
  5. Acceptance Letter from the University (by UPH)
  6. Sponsor / Statement Letter of Financial Guarantee from the University (by UPH)





Settle the payment for KITAS handling fee through UPH via money transfer to the following beneficiary details:


Bank Name: CIMB Niaga

Address: Menara Asia Branch, Diponegoro Boulevard 101, Lippo Village

City: Tangerang

Province: Banten

Country: Indonesia

Postal Code: 15811

Swift Code: BNIAIDJA

Account Name: Yayasan Universitas Pelita Harapan

Account Number: 4700 1002  39 004

Amount to be transferred: IDR 5,000,000.- (Five Million Rupiah)*


*This fee includes KITAS & Study Permit application.


Payment can also be made in other foreign currency, which amount will be further advised to student shortly after the acceptance via email.


IMPORTANT: Your KITAS can only be processed after your payments been verified. Student must submit the bank’s payment copy receipt (via email) for verification purpose. 


KITAS Application

The KITAS application will be processed at the Immigration and other Government bureau / institutions. This process takes up to 4 weeks.


Issuance of Telex & Study Permit

The Approval of Visa (Telex) will be issued for processing Study Permit. The telex will then be addressed to the designated Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General*.

A scanned copy of telex will be sent to the student through email.

*student is required to confirm at which embassy (country) they wish to collect the telex


Collect Visa

Student is required to submit the copy of telex and passport, also complete a form at the designated embassy overseas.

An amount of fee* will be charged by the embassy and it takes about 3-5 working days before visa can be collected.

*the fee are varies at each embassy


Arrival in Indonesia


Report to Immigration

Now with the student visa (on passport), you may legally enter Indonesia as a student.

To avoid problem of your visa, student are strongly advised to set Jakarta as their first destination point in Indonesia as you need to report to the Immigration before continue travelling to other part of Indonesia. You must submit the Passport & Embarkation/Arrival Card at the Immigration. This submission process can be assisted through International Office. Under some circumstances where student is arriving on weekend or public holiday, s(he) must report on the following working day.


IMPORTANT: The report to the nearest immigration office must be done within 24 hours upon arrival. Any form of incompliance in reporting to the Immigration or any misuse conduct of visa is considered a violation to the law and the individual will be given serious penalty which may results in deportation.




Finger Print

Within 5-7 working days after passport submission, International Office will notify the student to go to Immigration Office to have photograph taken and finger print scan for processing KITAS card, and some other documents.


KITAS Card, Blue Book and SKLD Issuance

In about 2 weeks later, student will receive KITAS card (Limited Stay Permit),Blue Book (Immigration Control Book), SKLD card (Certificate of Police Registration) and Study Permit.


IMPORTANT: KITAS is a single entry permit, and will be void once student leave the country. Should student need to travel outside Indonesia during their course of study, s(he) must apply for either one of the following additional permit before exiting the country: SERP (Single Exit Re-Entry Permit) or MERP (Multiple Exit Re-Entry Permit).


Upon completion of study, student must return all of these documents (i.e. KITAS card, Blue Book, and SKLD card) to the Immigration and required to apply for EPO to allow student leaving Indonesia legally.

To apply for one of these permits, student required to obtain a Sponsor Letter from UPH International Office. S(he) must come on their own and fill up the Application Form for applying Sponsor Letter. The sponsor letter is free of charge and takes 1 (one) working day to process.



Q: Can I study at UPH with a tourist visa?

No, you need to apply for Student Visa (KITAS). Tourists Visa known as VOA (Visa On Arrival) is used for Business, Tourist, or Social-Cultural purpose only.


Q: Am I allowed to work under the student visa? If yes what kind of work?

No. Student Visa (KITAS) is strictly for studying only.


Q: How long does it take to process everything?

First, the Telex and Study Permit process takes approximately one month until issuance.

Second, process for collecting the telex at Indonesian Embassy takes about 2-3 days sometimes even one week (depends on the embassy). 

Up to the point of your arrival in Indonesia, you need to report to the Immigration, have your photograph and fingerprint taken within a week.

At last, you will receive the following documents KITAS Card, SKLD, and Blue Book approximately 1 week later.


Q: What documents do I need to prepare and submit for applying KITAS?

Please see the above answer (POINT No.1)


Q: What is a Re-entry permit? Do I need it?

Since the Student Visa (KITAS) is NOT for multiply entry purposes, if you need to leave Indonesia before finishing your study at UPH you must apply an exit permit to immigration office or UPH International Affairs Office.

Two types of exit permit available with different Fees:

SERP (Single Re-Entry Permit): One time exit and re-entry permit within 90 days.

MERP (Multiple Re-Entry Permit): Multiple exit and re-entry permit within 180 days

Exit Permit (Required to apply at the end of your study period)

After the completion of the study, the student must return all the documents to the Immigration Office along with the Fees. The Immigration Office will then issue EPO (Exit Permit Only) stamp, and by this EPO student may legally leave Indonesia, within 14 days after approval date.


Q: There are so many procedures to do. How much does each one cost?

Doing the process independently will be cheaper but it is very complicated and time consuming. Which is why the majority of people hire an agent to assist them, whose fees vary based on their level of professionalism.

We handover the KITAS application process to our trusted agents, they will handle everything and assist you for the entire process. The Document Service Agent will cost Five Million Rupiah (approximately $USD530) and the payment can be made through UPH Bank Account.

Please refer to your local bank for information about the current exchange rate for your currency to be converted to Rupiah.