15 April 2011
UPH Sports Department officially opened Olympic Swimming Pool and Futsal Court in UPH on Thursday, April 14, 2011.
05 April 2011
On Friday, April 1, 2011, a presentation about Australia Scholarship Programs brought by Nunik Kristiani, M. Marketing from Australian Embassy was held at UPH.
09 March 2011
The title was given to President Aquino because he had done numerous things that helped progress and welfare in the Philippines.
23 February 2011
This year is the third time for UPH Moot Court Team, qualified to enter the international stage. The team consists of Dirga Putra, Sianti Candra, Johan Kurnia, Athalia Karima Yedida Soemarko and Mohammad Irham.
11 February 2011
In order to socialize the capital market and provide knowledge in the financial sector, to the campus community, Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) in cooperation with UPH and PT Kresna Securities.
21 January 2011
The Biennial International Conference of KSASA (The Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia) was held in Indonesia on 2011 at Universitas Indonesia (UI) and Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH).
20 January 2011
"South Korea is one of the world's developing countries that have demonstrated their existence in the world economy." Said Prof. Aleksius Jemadu, Ph.D. Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UPH at the second day of conference.
18 January 2011
A signing ceremony was done to mark the cooperation of UPH Faculty of Medicine and the Army Central Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Soebroto Ditkesad.
08 December 2010
"Having a sense of entrepreneurship doesn’t always mean being businessmen. It could happen anywhere and in any field."
18 November 2010
This MoU will facilitate cooperation of two parties in areas of leadership exchange, faculty exchange, and student interaction.
22 October 2010
The President of Tsinghua University, China – Prof. Hu Heping – visited UPH on Thursday, October 14, 2010. Tsinghua delegates were accompanied by Dr. Mochtar Riady.
22 October 2010
Still in order of International Relations Fiesta 2010, some competition also held, one of them named competition 'ASEAN Challenge 2010 Prize Essay.
14 October 2010
The third year of the International Relations Fiesta has ‘Asian Partnership on the Move’ as its theme. This has been a pride of International Relations Department
30 August 2010
Campus life is a perfect place to learn how to be involved in organizations, and perform social interactions. The message was delivered by Theo L. Sambuaga.
19 August 2010
Every region owns its customs, traditions and beliefs, which is a factor that often causes conflicts among each other.
10 August 2010
On 5 August 2010, Prof. Dr. Lee Hardy from Calvin Theological Seminary of United States delivered a lecture at UPH.
29 July 2010
The 31st AMSA will be held on the 25th July until 1st August 2010. This year Indonesia is chosen as the host, and the Faculty of Medicine of UI and UPH are appointed as the committee.
29 July 2010
Dr. phil. Deborah Nauli Simorangkir, B.A, M.S., the Head of Communication Science Department from Social and Political Science Faculty of Universitas Pelita Harapan – Karawaci, was invited by Harvard University to deliver a presentation
19 July 2010
The seminar was delivered by Michael Lessard-Clouston, an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Biola University.
02 July 2010
UPH Faculty of Law signed a cooperation agreement with Murdoch University, Australia in the Bachelor of Common Law program.