27 July 2017
Biola University Pre-med Students’ Internship at UPH Testimonies
UPH hosts Biola University Pre-med students’ internship in July 2017, and is in hope of strengthening the partnership between the two institutions.
img_0767-2.jpgMr. James Zapata (center), Biola University’s Program Coordinator, with Biola University Students During Excursion Trip

UPH hosts Biola University Pre-med students’ internship in July 2017, and hopes to strengthen the partnership between the two institutions. The internship program has been running annually since 2014. This year, Biola University’s delegation consists of 8 students and 3 team leaders and lecturers from the Department of Biological Science.


Aside from their internship in Siloam and MRIN (Mochtar Riady Institute of Nanotechnology) from 17 – 28 July 2017, the program also includes an UPH campus tour, Siloam Hospital and RSUS tour, and a comprehensive Pelita Harapan Foundation school visits to Sekolah Lentera Harapan Curug, Sekolah Dian Harapan Rinjani and Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village. As for their cultural immersion activities, they visited the Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church, attended a Batik Workshop by Griya Peni and visited a few tourist spots in Jakarta and Bandung.


Here are some of the testimonies from the Biola University’s students showing their enthusiasm in the internship and cultural exchange activities. 


Jason Theodore  Pre-Medical Bio-chemsitry Student (Research Student)

“Being part of the research team, it was an interesting experience to work directly in DNA Sequencing. This is really amazing because Biola University currently does not have “the sequencer” or the instrument used in DNA Sequencing. We followed the process from the beginning, and sent the research to our university since they don’t have it at the moment. It is definitely an incredible experience to learn the applicative techniques used in MRIN. UPH is a great Christian university.”    


Sabrina, Alumni Biola University (graduate in Mei 2017) (Clinical Student)

“I actually graduated in May 2017. I participated in this program to gain a greater insight of my study. The most impressive experience is being in the clinical team and doing the practicum in Siloam Hospital. I got to see a number of different doctors with their own specialties. I am certainly happy to be in Indonesia as well. There are definitely cultural differences between Indonesia and the US but this is part of my learning experience in the program.”



Jocelyn Huang, Junior Term in Biola University (Research Student)

“In this internship, I am involved in the research team focusing on Molecular Biology. To prepare for it, my team and I had had discussions since January and begun a specific research to support what we will do here. Our research in MRIN is about the use of Metformin, which is used for oral medication in treating diabetes, for cancer cell treatment. So in this research we are trying to figure out the effectiveness of Metformin and ways to utilize it. During the internship, I am thankful for our research leader, Pak Bustanur (Head of Proteomic Lab Department), who gave us very clear explanations and made things easier to understand for us. He answered every question about the research. Our whole experience was positive, and specifically inspired me to keep doing research in the future. I am happy to see that UPH has a lot of programs in student development. I believe UPH can make a great impact not only for its students, but also for Indonesia. I hope this program will keep running as it is really inspiring.” 

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Batik Workshop with Griya Peni
(Photo Source:https://buindointernship.wordpress.com/)

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