24 July 2017
CoM UPH Encourages Students to Own A Varied Perspective in Music
The UPH Conservatory of Music (CoM) has attempted to encourage students to own a varied and broad perspective in music. One of the attempts is a collaborative event between UPH and other universities.

Lecturers and Students of Conservatory of Music UPH played the Gamelan during Dr. J. Simon Van der Walt’s Workshop 

 The Conservatory of Music (CoM) UPH has attempted to encourage students to own a varied and broad perspective in music. One of the attempts is a collaborative event between UPH and other universities. This time, UPH got a visit from Dr. J Simon Van der Walt, Head of MMus/MA program of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland back on July 19, 2017.

This time, Dr. Van der Walt wanted to introduce a traditional and contemporary method for composition. During the workshop, he also introduced his compositions, including a composition for ‘gamlean’ music, which has lately become his focus and interest.


For Antonius Priyanto, S.Ag., B.Cm., M.Mus., Dean of CoM UPH, a visit from such a renowned composer like Dr. Van Der Walt for such an activity has surely become a positive value for the students of CoM UPH, especially for the students in the composition program.



(left-right) Antonius Priyanto along with Dr. J. Simon Van der Walt 

“Certainly, this kind of event is very useful for all of us. We hope that through this opportunity, students could become more inspired, and encouraged to see music from new perspectives. Music is very wide and deep, and because of that, we have to seek it from various free perspectives and be creative about it. And one of the ways is through an activity like this, which offers experience and insight for all students. The advantages of this activity are not only for the students who majored in the composition program but also for students from other programs,” Anton stated.


Anton also added that the Composition program in UPH  has been established since CoM UPH was created in 2001. Many things have been done in order to improve the quality of Composition program’s graduates, and one of them is through a collaborative activity like this. Previously, CoM UPH has collaborated with a number of international universities such as the University of Nebraska, University of Orlando, University of Estonia, and much more.


This time, Dr. Van der Walt’s visit was not just to be a key speaker at some workshops, but it was also the first step for the many possibilities of collaboration between CoM UPH and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 


“We really hope that our graduates become more equipped. With Mr. Simon’s visit as the first step, we hope that there will be more collaboration programs which may lead to performance and research, both in relation to the composition as well as other fields. Research here refers to possible joined-research in electronic, performance, traditional and contemporary music. This could also mean joined-performance, such as a performance of an original composition from CoM UPH by them, or many other possibilities which we could think of. Another substantial point, Royal Conservatory of Scotland itself is one of the best conservatories in the world which becomes a benchmark for many other conservatories. Thus, this collaboration will become a great value for CoM UPH in the future,” Anton explained. 


Moreover, the composition program in UPH has its own advantages, in relation to diversity. CoM UPH has been encouraging its students to become active and impactful artists. With the singularity they already had since the very beginning, CoM UPH will always support students neither limit their creativity, CoM UPH will also equip them with the ability to practice structured thinking with profound aesthetics. Graduates of UPH Composition program are always encouraged to retain their identity and uniqueness within their works, so that graduates may not only have skills, but also a deep passion for art within each of their works.


In average, the Composition program itself has produced 5-6 composers per year since 2001, and according to Anton, most of these graduates have now become artists who actively contribute to the music industry, and some have also become an Indonesian and international composer. One of them is Andra Prayogi, who has now become a Hollywood composer. 


As the Dean of CoM, Anton emphasized that CoM UPH graduates must have a profound passion for art and aesthetics, and his statement was also supported by Dr. Van Der Walt, who hopes to collaborate with CoM in producing qualified composers. (mt)  

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