22 June 2017
UPH Electrical Engineering Student Received European Union Scholarship
Ivan Kusumo, a student of UPH Electrical Engineering (cohort 2014), who is currently in his 3rd year, has just been awarded with the European Union Scholarship to depart for the University of Oradea

 Ivan Kusumo

Ivan Kusumo, a student of UPH Electrical Engineering (cohort 2014), who is currently in his 3rd year, just awarded the European Union Scholarship to depart for the University of Oradea, Romania on December 2017 – May 2018, to perform research work on robotics. This research has been planned to be an extension of Ivan’s Final Assignment project in UPH, which are currently on progress, on topics of two-wheeled balancing robot. The scholarship received would cover monthly living cost, health insurance and round-trip economic class tickets.  

This scholarship is one of many opportunities that were obtained by UPH Electrical Engineering for its involvement in the Erasmus Mundus LEADERS (Leading Mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research) project. The Electrical Engineering Study Program of UPH is a partner in a consortium of 22 universities, which consists of 7 European universities, and the rest being Asian universities, who obtained 2,7 Million EUR grants for the Erasmus Mundus LEADERS or Erasmus+ LEADERS project from The European Commission. This grant is used for financing students’ and researchers’ mobility between the two continents, which took form in student exchange scholarships for under graduate, graduate, and Ph.D., as well as Post-Doctoral research project and staff exchange.

According to Dr. Henri P. Uranus, a lecturer in UPH Electrical Engineering, who is also Indonesia’s Contact Person for the project, even as a partner, it doesn’t necessarily means that EM LEADERS scholarship can be easily obtained.

“This scholarship is very competitive. Each year, this scholarship will open an online admission. Each applicant has to include academic transcripts, motivation letter, recommendation letter from a professor of the host university, and a study plan, which will be assessed by a committee from the 22 universities. The selection process is very strict, open, and fair,” said Henri.

However, as a partner, UPH has the privilege to be in the TG1 (Target Group 1) category, while other universities in Indonesia will be in the TG2 and TG3 category. Within those target groups, Indonesian applicants would compete against applicants from other countries in the same group, such as Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, China and North Korea, to obtain this scholarship.

For this 3rd cohort, which is also the last cohort for the 4-year grants, there are 82 participants who are eligible for only 22 mobilities (6 for under graduate student exchange, 6 for MSc student exchange, 2 for PhD Asia to EU student exchange, 2 for PhD EU to Asia student exchange, 2 for Post-Doc EU to Asia and 4 for staff exchange) which will be funded. 


Aside from Ivan, previously, Endrowednes Kuantama, M.Eng., a lecturer in UPH Electrical Engineering has also gotten a scholarship for Doctoral Program studies during the first cohort in the University of Oradea, Romania, on research topic on flying robot for pollution mapping – and is now currently finishing his studies; and Dr. Henri P. Uranus, a lecturer of UPH Electrical Enginnering, has also gotten a staff exchange program to the Photonics research group from City, University of London, for three months during Spring 2016, in order to conduct a research on terahertz waveguides with finite element methods. 


Another benefit of UPH Electrical Engineering as a partner of Erasmus Mundus LEADERS is the opportunity to become a destination for staff exchange for researchers from European universities.  Just as Dr. Ian Grout, a lecturer of Electrical Engineering of University of Limerick, Ireland, who took advantage of the EM LEADERS staff exchange scholarship by visiting UPH Electrical Engineering for two months in 2016 and conducting several workshops and seminar: seminar on remote laboratories, workshop on FPGA and workshop on Arduino for Signal Processing. (HU)


Dr. Ian Grout from the University of Limerick, Ireland explaining about FPGA to students of UPH Electrical Engineering

 Kick-Off Meeting for Erasmus Mundus Leaders Project in Bangkok, 2014
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