28 September 2016
ICS Cultural Week 2016 Encouraging Students to Learn about Cultural Heritages
This year, ICS (International Community for Students) held a Cultural Week with the theme ‘Thrones Legacy’, which was held on September 26 to October 1, 2016.


30 Countries’ Flags Parade during the Opening Ceremony of ICS Cultural Week 2016


This year, ICS (International Community for Students) held a Cultural Week with the theme ‘Thrones Legacy’, which was held on September 26 to October 1, 2016. This event was the fifth one, since ICS was established on November 6, 2012 and it aims to introduce cultures of various countries to the community in UPH, both Indonesian students and International students.


Cultural Week 2016 took the theme ‘Thrones Legacy’ which aims to encourage students to understand that everything that happens today is affected by the past. The event was opened with a Flag Parade from 30 countries on September 26, 2016. Then, there was a Fashion Parade from 6 countries on September 27, 2016. Aside from that, the committee also wants to give knowledge to the audience, thus they also did a dialogue during the fashion show from 6 countries: Mexico, Spain, Japan, Korea, Greek and Germany, where every representative told the uniqueness of the culture of their represented country.


Virginia Margaretha


“By sharing the information, hopefully our community in UPH, who had the opportunity to join this event, could understand better about the cultural heritage of different countries. We want to make people realize the presence of the past, which actually becomes the culture that we have to understand,” said Virginia Margaretha, ICS President for 2015 / 2016 period.   

Michael Laurel, as the Head Committee of ICS Cultural Week 2016 added that, the uniqueness of this Cultural Week is the free food samples, which becomes another attraction for people to visit ICS stands, where they can also get knowledge and information regarding the culture in various countries. 

“With this, we want everyone to know the culture of different countries through performances, songs and dances. But even more than that, we also want to encourage everyone to learn about the culture of different countries through the free food samples. So while you guys were eating or drinking, you could know where they come from,” Michael explained. 

Michael Laurel


The Opening Ceremony was also enlivened with the performance of approximately 30 Teachers College students, who represents Indonesia’s culture through traditional songs and clothing. Aside from that, there were other activities during ICS Cultural Week 2016 such as UPH Performances, Workshop by Mixology, Seminar from the Royal Netherlands Embassy and a Closing Celebration with music performances, songs and dances held at the Supermall Karawaci. (mt/mv)

A Performance by TC Students who represents Indonesia’s Traditional Culture

A Parade of 30 Countries, representing the Cultural Diversity around the world

Traditional Clothing Parade with Traditional Clothing to Represent Respective Country

One of the ICS Stand with free food sample from each country’s traditional food