27 June 2016
2nd ICHEC Dr. Miriam Adeney: Kingdom Stories and the University Completed
The International Christian Higher Education Conference (ICHEC), which was held on the collaboration between Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Corban University and Biola University on early 2016

Miriam Adeney was Giving Explanation during the ‘Kingdom Stories and the University’ Session

The International Christian Higher Education Conference (ICHEC), which was held based on the collaboration between Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Corban University and Biola University on early 2016, is the second educational conference after its first one, which was held on 2013. This year, ICHEC came up with the theme: ‘Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story’ and it was attended by participants from six countries as well as Indonesia.


Several distinguished key speakers were also present at the conference. They are Dr. Michael W. Goheen, Director of Theological Education, Professor of Theology and Missional Education at the Redeemer Seminary, Dallas, Texas, Miriam Adeney, Ph.D., an anthropologist, missional expert and a Christian writer, Scott Moreau, D. Miss., the Associate Academic Dean from the Wheaton College Graduate School who is also an Intercultural Professor and Dean Yamada, MFA, from the Movie Production major of the University of Southern California, who is a director and a lecturer in Biola’s Cinema and Media Arts.


On the second session of the ICHEC, which was held on Thursday, June 16, 2016, Dr. Miriam Adeney talked about the Kingdom Stories and the University. In her presentation, she explained that every human being is a part of the great story of God’s Kingdom. She believes that human’s life is shaped by a great number of stories, including the story of God as well as an even more mundane story, affected by culture, beliefs, and even bias.


Miriam Adeney

“Learning is one of the ways for the man to glorify God. The human was created in the likeness of God, with intelligence, morality and creativity to learn and understand God’s works. Thus, with all of the gifts that God has given, a man should serve God as well as those around them by teaching, to enhance the quality of the mind,” stressed Dr. Adeney in her session.

created for us; a Christian educator has to give their contribution in order to mold and develop the Christian worldview of their students, by choosing a Biblical story as the base of their teachings. Biblical stories are great stories, which were made with the perfect composition and coherence with one another, within a complete wholeness of God’s glory. Because of that, Christian educators has to undertake their role as a part of God’s story, by using knowledge to think rationally, art and creativity to appreciate God’s creation and university, as a place to improve the quality of students’ minds.


Moreover, Adeney stated that Christian education has to be holistic, taught wisely and delivered with an appreciation of God’s creation, so that every lesson could serve God as it should be. In the Q&A’s session, Adeney couldn’t deny the fact that in doing our part in God’s story, not everything will turn the way we planned it and sometimes, it even turns out to be a sad story. But even so, she also said that in a time of such a grief, God’s grace become more evident in our life and he will always provide joy for His children with His own way.


Chandra Han, one of the lecturer from Teachers College UPH, who was also a participant of the ICHEC said, “That session by Adeney was a very important session for both the lecturers and students of Teachers College, who will soon be teachers too, because now, there are lots of educator who forgot their true job, which is to be a part of God’s story. Through this session I was being reminded of the role of educators, which lately has not been seen as important to talk about.” To close the session, Adeney once again stated that even if we could not understand the whole story, we still are and will always be a part of God’s story in this world and we have to tell the world about it, because the world needs it. (Christiansen) 


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