Q: Is there orientation for new students?

Yes. The orientation event is called UPH Festival. It is at the end of August, to welcome all new students at UPH, lasting 3-4 days. During the festival there will be an orientation session, Gala Concert, seminar, and activities to make you familiar with UPH culture and environment.

To view the complete orientation guidebooks for:
International Students, click HERE.
Expatriate, click HERE.


UPH’s International Office provides orientation sessions for international students in order to help you get better acquainted with UPH’s on-campus facilities and Lippo Village neighborhood. We strongly advise you to arrive at least 3 days before the university orientation day or before the first day of class to get administrative processes done.


Q: Is it compulsory for all short-term international students?

Yes. If entering the Odd Semester then the orientation would be through UPH Festival. If you enter in the Even or Accelerated Semester there will still be orientation services provided but they would be much smaller in size.