Fees/Financial Aid

Q: Does UPH provide scholarships for International Students?

At this moment, UPH scholarship are only limited for the full-time regular / international students (study abroad program are not included). UPH Scholarship Programs includes:

1) Academic Achievement

2) Limited Financial

3) Arts Achievement

4) Sports Achievement

For more information about Scholarships, click HERE.


Q: Is there any discounted fee for sibling(s) of a student who are studying or have graduated at UPH?

Yes, if you do have any sibling or cousin that currently studying or have graduated from UPH, you are entitled to get a 10% discount off the Admission Fee which will be given in the 2nd Semester. You must submit the required documents (i.e. Birth Certificate and Family Card) prior joining UPH. Please note: this program is not applicable for scholarship students.